7 fascinating facts you never knew about wine

Wine bottles

There is something incredibly alluring about a glass of fine wine, whether it be white or red, full-bodied or mild. Each wine has a unique taste, aroma and often memory. Wine has been drunk for thousands of years, dating back as far as the bible, yet we still know very little about this undeniably charming liquid. We’ve compiled seven interesting – and hopefully surprising – facts about the world’s favourite drink.

Rustic wine barrel

  1. Red grapes can produce both red and white wine, whereas white grapes can only produce white wine
  2. The world’s oldest wine is over 6,000 years old and was discovered during an archaeological dig in Southern Armenia. Explorers proved the age of the wine using biochemical tests.
  3. Contrary to the popular belief, only very few wine improve with time. Most have no potential for aging and should be drunk immediately. We’re happy with that!
  4. A fear of wine is known as Oenophobia. The root cause is completely unknown.
  5. The wine glass shape is owed to the ancient Greeks, who believed that the shape is a tribute to the breasts of Helen of Troy. The French, on the other hand, claim it is in honour to the breasts of Marie Antoinette.
  6. It is believed that a wine can be ‘aged’ instantly by zapping it with electricity. Scientists are yet to discover how this happens.
  7. The term ‘toast’ originates from ancient Rome, when the Senate ordered that a piece of burnt toast be dropped into a glass of wine to mask the wine’s unpleasant flavours. Glasses were then raised to the guest of honour, which led to today’s popular custom.

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