8 things every wine lover should own

So we all love wine. For one reason or another, white or red, the world loves nothing more than to twist in a corkscrew and open a fresh bottle over nice evening meal. Why we love wine is a whole other discussion into the psychological drivers that lead us to the bottle. But for now as its quite clear we love the stuff, with the US drinking 2.9 billion litres in 2013 alone, I thought I’d share my favourite wine accessories.

1) Our love of wine makes us all collectors.
Whether its a bottle from the last vineyard you visited or just a discounted bottle from Tesco, we need a lavish and elegant wine rack to store our favourite Pinot Noir.

This authentic handmade wine rack featuring genuine wine crates from the South of France will provide the perfect home for all your bottles. Get this unique wine crate wine rack from the Bois Rustique shop.

2) Time to drink — don’t be delayed by a corkscrew.
When a normal cork screw just won’t cut it, bring on the extravagant. Introducing the Screwpull Geo LM-G10S by Le Creuset. They make the best pots and pans so naturally it follows that they make the best accessories for foods greatest accompaniment.

A snip at £105 this thing will open bottles without you even knowing you wanted it open. This beautiful corkscrew is available on Amazon.

3) Now it’s open — Let it breathe.
What better way to let your wine breathe than in the strangest but best Carafe you can find.

A definite crowd pleaser for the dinner table but perhaps the bank manager will be less impressed with this at 2,500 Euro? If you want something slightly less pricey but almost as impressive, try this carafe instead.

4) Now it’s aired — time to drink? Well… hold on just a second… is it the perfect temperature?
No more guessing. With this affordable and sexy tool, you just clip it around the outside of the bottle and hey presto — you’ll know it’s ready to drink.Get this wine themometer for your next dinner party here.

5) Awesome— It’s time to drink it now, right? Not quite, we can’t have you drinking out of the bottle, so son’t miss another opportunity to impress with these wine glasses that might just make you feel tipsy before you’ve had a sip. Available Here

6) Are those cherry notes I can taste?
Ensure you talk the talk and walk the walk with the ultimate guide to everything wine. but with over 600 pages covering all the wines of the world — you better have some free time on your hands.

7) A few bottles later — how do I keep that last bit fresh for tomorrow?

Well novelty wine stoppers are a great gift — so embrace the novelty by displaying all those shameful stoppers with this fantastic wine stopper rack.

8) Now it’s all over — the count down till the next glass of wine begins.

Hand made wine crate clock by Bois Rustique

Keep track and count down the minutes until you next can justifiably have a drink with this fantastic wine crate clock made by Bois Rustique.

These are just a few of my favourite wine accessories that I have come across in my many years of living by the philosophy of ‘a glass a day keeps the doctor away’.

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